Sunday, November 13, 2011

I m back ^^

i m back ^^
i did not updated my blog long time ago
suddenly want to update understandings
i cut a short hair
thinking of changing my hair style
lucky it's not too bad haha
my working life
i m improving & hope to learn more
just try my best to do it ^^
thursday i went to watch movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye"
it's a nice movie i love it so much
that day i meet my old colleagues
they asked me where is my seat cause we were watching the same movie
i told them i m sitting couple seat
that ah han asked me where is my boyfriend
i also hope that but the answer is no
so funny that day
skip it
after 1 week
i will start my bridal make up course soon
i need to waste money also haizz
almost bankrupt now
who can sponsor me haha
i feel so nervous cause i did not knew any skill of make up
feel so scary how i handle it
recalled ago
we always worry about our study & love problem when we were student of high school
we always worry about those small problem & silly problem haha
worry about our silly problem more than study hard seriously
i feel regret now
i miss our school life so much
when we were chatting around in the class
when we were fighting with teachers
some funny things we did
we always worry about money & work more than our "silly" problem
we grew up hehe
i recalled some previous things of mine
maybe you are right
i really is not mature that time
we all have the wrong
thank you for my good memories
i will remember the good memories forever
previous memories is like a mirror
let us know that they should reflect on
let us know the previous we are and how silly
when i recalled those memories
i will feel so funny & disappointed on myself
how come i m so silly that time
it's time to wake up
Jannel Pang
please wake up right now
don't think too much again
at last
wish all of you have a sweet dream
good night ^^

written by Jannel

Sunday, May 15, 2011


this few days i work as usual
some times i will face some problems
but i will handle it as well
wish i can improve myself
change the topic
i feel lonely
but i knew that no one is suitable for me from now
so single is the best for me
few days ago
i went out with my dear frens
we went to SS2 for having our dinner
afterwards we went to kota damansara for buy cloth and ate snowflake
then we went to sunway giza for took pictures
we are so crazy keep took pictures at toilet
but we feel damn happy of that
it's good
stop here write now
have a nice day ^^

-written by Jannel-

Friday, April 1, 2011

Long Post

i did not update my blog long time
cause i m so lazy and busy
let's start the topic

1231i celebrated my valentine's day with my colleagues
123456789123this is the first time i went out with them ^^

123456789123not bad ^^

18.02.201112311this day is my lover & hou ji mui's birthday
1234567891011so we bought a cake from dreamz cafe
1234567891011the taste of cake not bad ^^ hehe thank ellan & han intro to me
1234567891011afterwards we took the cake
1234567891011we went to the one cafe for celebrate
1234567891011the next round we went to snowflake & f block
1234567891011snowflake = eat the dessert
1234567891011f block = buy clothes but i did not bought
1234567891011afterwards they went to my home for chit chat around

12311this day is the last day i work at cake sense
1234567891011i ask my colleagues for having dinner
1234567891011of course they accept my inviation
1234567891011so i give suggestion for having dinner at the one cafe too
1234567891011cause i m so miss there
1234567891011but the sui zai bao han already ate his dinner
1234567891011then he keep did those funny face beside me
1234567891011ellan and me really 'beh tahan' him
1234567891011afterwards we went to snowflake again hehe
1234567891011they also love there so much ^^

12311this day is my bad day
1234567891011cause i waste money
1234567891011i bought the clothes
1234567891011i m so regret now

12311i found my new job
1234567891011this day is my first day
1234567891011the boss and colleagues so nice
1234567891011not bad but sometimes they will get angry when i done wrong
1234567891011 i knew that it's my fault haizz

13.03.201112311this day my dear pui ying ask us for eat crab
1234567891011this is our first time to eat '大炒' not bad^^

23.03.201112311this day we got our spm results
1234567891011but i m so disappointed
1234567891011cause my economy did not get A
1234567891011my economy just get B+
1234567891011i feel damn moody of that
1234567891011but it's truth
1234567891011i m so regret
1234567891011my results is so so so bad
1234567891011afterwards we went to 1U for sing k
1234567891011we get the big room haha
1234567891011this is the first time 7 person went there together
1234567891011normally we just 5 or 4 person
1234567891011when i back home
1234567891011my dad and mom ask about my results
1234567891011my moody is back

24.03.201112311this day i done wrong many things
1234567891011cause my mind keep thinking about my results
1234567891011omg it's time to concentrate on my work
1234567891011 dont think about it again and again

26.03.201112311i back to my hometown this day
1234567891011my cousin back with us together
1234567891011i feel so happy
1234567891011cause i did not saw them long time
1234567891011when we reached there
1234567891011we went to eat our breakfast 'curry mee'
1234567891011it's so delicious haha

27.03.201112311this day i woke up at 6.++ am
1234567891011cause we need to grave
1234567891011afterwards we went to jusco for shopping
1234567891011when i saw the starbucks
1234567891011i m so miss the coffee so i bought the coffee
1234567891011haiyoyo i waste my money again
1234567891011i m almost bankrupt lorr

28.03.201112311this day is the last day we stay there
1234567891011we back to kl at 6 am
1234567891011after we reached kl
1234567891011we went to eat 'bah kut teh'
1234567891011cause my cousin love it so much
1234567891011after they finished they back to johor too
1234567891011my sis and me accompany my mom & dad went to pudu
1234567891011afterwards my mom & dad went to dental with me
1234567891011cause i will become braces gal soon
1234567891011tomorrow i will go there for see the x-ray
1234567891011i will upload my photo on my facebook
1234567891011cause i m so lazy upload here
1234567891011it's waste time
1234567891011today is april fool's day
1234567891011anyone get cheat today ??
1234567891011anyways happy april fool
1234567891011stop here write now
1234567891011have a nice day

-written by Jannel-

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year ^^

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you
i knew it's too late
let's pictures do the talk ^^


we started to pray at mid night ^^

afterwards we 放孔明灯 ^^

my father and brother ^^

after we finished to pray
we went to my grandma for second round
cause the next day is my grandma's birthday
damn lucky

all of my cousin and grandma


this day is the 1st day of chinese new year
we went to my grandma's home for 'bai nian'

the 1st lion dance for that day ^^

he so scared the sound and lion dance also ^^

the trolley of biscuits ... it's so cute haha ^^

our lunch ^^ it's so many cuisine... this just is some of the part ^^

after we finished our lunch
it's the time to take ang pao

'people mountain people sea ' haha

all of us were waiting for take ang pao

afterwards we went to temple for pray
there are so many people
i feel damn hot too
after we finished it
we back to 'kepong box' for sing k
where is the 'kepong box' ??
the answer is my grandma's home
but i did not took photo that time
cause we were busying for sing

when the time reached 5 pm
it's the time for second lion dance
it's so nice
every year we always await this performance

the second lion dance ^^

i forgot to upload some of photo about this lion dance
sorry for that
afterwards my family went to genting at night
but i stayed at home for waiting my frens
that's pui ying , vincent and meow sing
they decided went to chiu ruan 's home
afterwards we come back
they started to gamble until 1 am


this day
we wake up early for having our breakfast
'bak kut teh'
after we finished our breakfast
we started to gamble
afterwards my aunt is coming
so we need to back home
we were having our steamboat as our dinner
damn delicious
after i finished my dinner
we went to pui ying's home for bai nian
their 'ben xin' is coming out
they wanted to gamble again
afterwards we also chit chat around and played
a lot of funny things was happened at her home
but it's secret too
we stayed her home almost 1 am
i feel damn happy that night ^^


this day
we went to pavilion
let's pictures do the talk

my drink is so big ^^ i cant to finish it haha

we were having our lunch at wong kok ^^

the 1st time i took picture with my 'biao sao'
she is so pretty and slim too

after we finished it
we went to take photo there

my cousin cherry and me ^^

my cousin mun and me ^^

we want to eat snowflake there
but it's so many people there
so we cancel the plan
and change to drink cha time
it's so nice
i love it so much ^^

afterwards we were having 'lok lok' as our dinner

we were having 'lok lok' ^^

afterwards we gamble again
i won rm 10 ringgit
my sis bought the ticket for watch movie 'homecoming'
it's not bad


this day
i went to watch movie too
the movie is '最强喜事'
it's not bad too
afterwards i stayed at home and sleep
at night
we went to having dinner and my aunt need to back johor by bus
so my dad need to send their to bus stop
afterwards my frens pui ying , xin ying and mei yee
came my home at night
they also want to gamble
i always gamble this few days
but i won rm 36 ringgit
all of them keep scold me cause of that
actually i really do not know how much i won that time
i m so sorry
pai seh to them
this post is too long already
so i will update the next day when i m free
have a nice day ^^

-written by jannel-

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update Soon

sorry for late updated
i will update when i m free
wish everyone have a great year & happy chinese new year ^^

written by Jannel

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Work Life

my title always is study life
but i change to work life now
can i change to my study life ??
the answer i also do not know
i want to study but no money
so many trouble of money now
skip it ~
this few days
i work everyday except sunday
so boring
i will change work soon
that is what i hope
wish my dreams come true
a few days ago
my colleagues ask me have i got a boy friend ??
then i answered them sure no lorr
all of them feel so surprised
but i feel funny
boy friends this words for me just a stranger
i do not want force to change it
let it run its course
skip it too ~
i got colds
then i get sick today
what's wrong with my body ??
suddenly my body become weak already
so i took leave half day today
i can relax already
cause i no need to face the computer
last sunday
i went to ts with my sis and cousins
actually we want go to pavilion after ts
but the stupid polices block that way
i m still thinking want to buy the bubble tea that time
gek sei larr
cny is coming soon
just leave almost 2 weeks
i m so await
stop here write now
i want to take a rest lorr
have a nice day ^^

-write by Jannel -

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Post of 2011 ♥

long time did not updated my blog already
cause i m so busy , tired and lazy
let's start the topic ^^


i went to take my car exam
i feel damn nervous that time
at last
i failed already
damn gek sei larr
but i received 1 good news when i m taking car exam
that's i get my job already
i also do know i should happy or sad
so i need to take exam next monday
good luck to myself ^^
after i finished my car exam
then my dear pui ying came to fetch me
we ordered pizza hut for our lunch
oh no
i forgot what happened already
please forgive me for my memory was bad

04.01.11 & 05.01.11

this day is the first day i went to work
i feel so strange
cause i did not meet any people there
then i took lunch myself
i feel damn boring larr
the next day
jessy recommended some person to me
that's ellan , ah chuan , josephine and eliza
i meet some person there
skip it ~


this day
after my work
i followed my sis and mom went to jusco
cause this day is jusco members day
i keep say 'bian tai' there
cause there have a lot of people
all of them bought the tisu paper and washer
cause it's cheap
of course my mom also same as them
den i bought lisence for dye my hair


i m so fish this day
when i want to take some things
suddenly a man said morning to me
den i reply him morning also
he asked me what's my name
den i answered him that jannel
actually the man is my boss !!!
but i do not know he is my boss that time
i still though he is supervisor
what's wrong with me
lucky i did not said any wrong things with him
if not the boss sure fire me
skip it ~
this day i meet 1 new fren
that's eng han
he really looks like a person
but he sure not that person
if not i will kill him
this few days i feel damn tired
so i sleep early this few days
but i still not enough
i still feel sleepy when i m working
stop here write now
god bless me on monday ^^
have a nice day ^^

-write by Jannel-