Sunday, November 13, 2011

I m back ^^

i m back ^^
i did not updated my blog long time ago
suddenly want to update understandings
i cut a short hair
thinking of changing my hair style
lucky it's not too bad haha
my working life
i m improving & hope to learn more
just try my best to do it ^^
thursday i went to watch movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye"
it's a nice movie i love it so much
that day i meet my old colleagues
they asked me where is my seat cause we were watching the same movie
i told them i m sitting couple seat
that ah han asked me where is my boyfriend
i also hope that but the answer is no
so funny that day
skip it
after 1 week
i will start my bridal make up course soon
i need to waste money also haizz
almost bankrupt now
who can sponsor me haha
i feel so nervous cause i did not knew any skill of make up
feel so scary how i handle it
recalled ago
we always worry about our study & love problem when we were student of high school
we always worry about those small problem & silly problem haha
worry about our silly problem more than study hard seriously
i feel regret now
i miss our school life so much
when we were chatting around in the class
when we were fighting with teachers
some funny things we did
we always worry about money & work more than our "silly" problem
we grew up hehe
i recalled some previous things of mine
maybe you are right
i really is not mature that time
we all have the wrong
thank you for my good memories
i will remember the good memories forever
previous memories is like a mirror
let us know that they should reflect on
let us know the previous we are and how silly
when i recalled those memories
i will feel so funny & disappointed on myself
how come i m so silly that time
it's time to wake up
Jannel Pang
please wake up right now
don't think too much again
at last
wish all of you have a sweet dream
good night ^^

written by Jannel

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